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This page lists all aiports beginning with Y.

Yacuiba Bo, Bolivia (BYC) > Yacuiba Bo, Bolivia
Yacuiba, Bolivia (YAC) > Yacuiba, Bolivia
Yacuma, Bolivia (SBL) > Yacuma, Bolivia
Yagoua, Cameroons (GXX) > Yagoua, Cameroons
Yakataga, AK (CYT) > Yakataga, AK
Yakima Air Terminal, WA (YKM) > Yakima Air Terminal, WA
Yakush, Japan (KUM) > Yakush, Japan
Yakutat, AK (YAK) > Yakutat, AK
Yamagata- Gaj, Japan (GAJ) > Yamagata- Gaj, Japan
Yamoussoukro, Cote d Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast) (ASK) > Yamoussoukro, Cote d Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast)
Yanbu, Saudi Arabia (YNB) > Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Yandina, Solomon Islands (YND) > Yandina, Solomon Islands
Yandina, Solomon Islands (XYA) > Yandina, Solomon Islands
Yankee Creek 2, AK (KYC) > Yankee Creek 2, AK
Yantarni Bay, AK (XWC) > Yantarni Bay, AK
Yaounde, Cameroons (YAO) > Yaounde, Cameroons
Yap Intl, Palau Island (YAP) > Yap Intl, Palau Island
Yariguies, Colombia (EJA) > Yariguies, Colombia
Yarinacocha, Peru (PCL) > Yarinacocha, Peru
Yarmouth, Canada (YQI) > Yarmouth, Canada
Yaroslavl, Russia (European) (IAR) > Yaroslavl, Russia (European)
Yazd, Iran (AZD) > Yazd, Iran
Yecheon, South Korea (YEC) > Yecheon, South Korea
Yelimane, Mali (YEM) > Yelimane, Mali
Yellowknife, Canada (YZF) > Yellowknife, Canada
Yellowstone, MT (WYS) > Yellowstone, MT
Yengema, Sierra Leone (WYE) > Yengema, Sierra Leone
Yeosu, South Korea (RSU) > Yeosu, South Korea
Yeovilton, United Kingdom (YEO) > Yeovilton, United Kingdom
Yerington Muni, NV (EYR) > Yerington Muni, NV
Yes Bay Lodge Spb, AK (WYB) > Yes Bay Lodge Spb, AK
Yinchuan, China (INC) > Yinchuan, China
Yohannes Iv, Ethiopia (ASM) > Yohannes Iv, Ethiopia
Yokota Ab, Japan (OKO) > Yokota Ab, Japan
Yola, Nigeria (YOL) > Yola, Nigeria
Yonaguni, Japan (OGN) > Yonaguni, Japan
York, PA (THV) > York, PA
Yorke Island, Australia (OKR) > Yorke Island, Australia
Yorkton, Canada (YQV) > Yorkton, Canada
Yoro Honduras, Honduras (ORO) > Yoro Honduras, Honduras
Yoro, Honduras (YOR) > Yoro, Honduras
Young, Australia (NGA) > Young, Australia
Youngstown Muni, OH (YNG) > Youngstown Muni, OH
Yuba Co, CA (MYV) > Yuba Co, CA
Yuma Mcas, AZ (NYL) > Yuma Mcas, AZ
Yuma Mcas/Yuma Intl, AZ (YUM) > Yuma Mcas/Yuma Intl, AZ
Yundum Intl, The Gambia (BJL) > Yundum Intl, The Gambia
Yurimaguas, Peru (YMS) > Yurimaguas, Peru
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (Asian) (UUS) > Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (Asian)
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