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This page lists all aiports beginning with K.

K.D. Matanzima, Republic Of South Africa (UTT) > K.D. Matanzima, Republic Of South Africa
K1tsap Co, WA (PWT) > K1tsap Co, WA
Kaanapali, HI (HKP) > Kaanapali, HI
Kabalega Falls Ug, Uganda (KBG) > Kabalega Falls Ug, Uganda
Kabalo, Republic Of Congo (KBO) > Kabalo, Republic Of Congo
Kabri Dar, Ethiopia, Ethiopia (ABK) > Kabri Dar, Ethiopia, Ethiopia
Kabul Intl, Afghanistan (KBL) > Kabul Intl, Afghanistan
Kadena Ab, Japan (DNA) > Kadena Ab, Japan
Kaduna, Nigeria (KAD) > Kaduna, Nigeria
Kaedi, Mauritania (KED) > Kaedi, Mauritania
Kagoshima, Japan (KOJ) > Kagoshima, Japan
Kagua, Papua New Guinea (AGK) > Kagua, Papua New Guinea
Kahli Cove, AK (FQY) > Kahli Cove, AK
Kahuku (KAH) > Kahuku
Kahului, HI (OGG) > Kahului, HI
Kaieteur- Kuk, Guyana (KAI) > Kaieteur- Kuk, Guyana
Kaikohe, New Zealand (KKO) > Kaikohe, New Zealand
Kailashahar, India (IXH) > Kailashahar, India
Kailua-Kona Ha, HI (KOA) > Kailua-Kona Ha, HI
Kaitaia, New Zealand (KAT) > Kaitaia, New Zealand
Kajaani, Finland (KAJ) > Kajaani, Finland
Kake Spl, AK (KAE) > Kake Spl, AK
Kakhonak New, AK (KNK) > Kakhonak New, AK
Kako, AK (A37) > Kako, AK
Kalabo, Zambia, Zambia (KLB) > Kalabo, Zambia, Zambia
Kalakaket Creek Afs, AK (KKK) > Kalakaket Creek Afs, AK
Kalamata, Greece (KLX) > Kalamata, Greece
Kalamazoo Muni, MI (AZO) > Kalamazoo Muni, MI
Kalaupapa, HI (LUP) > Kalaupapa, HI
Kalgoorlie, Australia (KGI) > Kalgoorlie, Australia
Kalibo, Philippines (KLO) > Kalibo, Philippines
Kalima, Republic Of Congo (FMI) > Kalima, Republic Of Congo
Kaliningrad, Russia (European) (KGD) > Kaliningrad, Russia (European)
Kallax, Sweden (LLA) > Kallax, Sweden
Kalmar, Sweden (KLR) > Kalmar, Sweden
Kalpower, Australia (KPP) > Kalpower, Australia
Kalskag, AK (KLG) > Kalskag, AK
Kaltag, AK (GSV) > Kaltag, AK
Kaltag, AK (KAL) > Kaltag, AK
Kamalpur, India (IXQ) > Kamalpur, India
Kamarang, Guyana (KAR) > Kamarang, Guyana
Kamayoran International Apt., Indonesia (JKT) > Kamayoran International Apt., Indonesia
Kamembe, Republic Of Congo (BKY) > Kamembe, Republic Of Congo
Kamina Base, Republic Of Congo (KMN) > Kamina Base, Republic Of Congo
Kamina, Papua New Guinea (KMF) > Kamina, Papua New Guinea
Kamishly, Syrian Arab Republic (KAC) > Kamishly, Syrian Arab Republic
Kamloops, Canada (YKA) > Kamloops, Canada
Kamphangsaen, Thailand (KDT) > Kamphangsaen, Thailand
Kanab Muni, UT (KNB) > Kanab Muni, UT
Kananga, Republic Of Congo (KGA) > Kananga, Republic Of Congo
Kanawha, WV (CRW) > Kanawha, WV
Kandahar Intl, Afghanistan (KDH) > Kandahar Intl, Afghanistan
Kandla, India (IXY) > Kandla, India
Kaneohe Bay Mcas, HI (NGF) > Kaneohe Bay Mcas, HI
Kangiqsujuaq, Canada (YWB) > Kangiqsujuaq, Canada
Kangirsuk, Canada (YKG) > Kangirsuk, Canada
Kangung, South Korea (KAG) > Kangung, South Korea
Kankakee Airport, IL (IKK) > Kankakee Airport, IL
Kankan, Guinea (KNN) > Kankan, Guinea
Kano, Nigeria (KAN) > Kano, Nigeria
Kanpur/Chakeri, India (KNU) > Kanpur/Chakeri, India
Kansai International, Japan (KIX) > Kansai International, Japan
Kansas City Downtown, MO (MKC) > Kansas City Downtown, MO
Kansas City International, MO (MCI) > Kansas City International, MO
Kanti, Myanmar (KHM) > Kanti, Myanmar
Kantishna, AK (A18) > Kantishna, AK
Kao Hsiung, Taiwan (KHH) > Kao Hsiung, Taiwan
Kaoma Zambia, Zambia (KMZ) > Kaoma Zambia, Zambia
Kapalua West Maui, HI (JHM) > Kapalua West Maui, HI
Kapit,malaysia, Malaysia (KPI) > Kapit,malaysia, Malaysia
Kapuskasing Canada, Canada (YYU) > Kapuskasing Canada, Canada
Karachi Civil, Pakistan (KHI) > Karachi Civil, Pakistan
Karaganda, Kazakhstan (KGF) > Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Karias, Pa. N. Guinea, Papua New Guinea (KSN) > Karias, Pa. N. Guinea, Papua New Guinea
Karias, Papua Ng, Papua New Guinea (WFJ) > Karias, Papua Ng, Papua New Guinea
Kariba, Zimbabwe (KAB) > Kariba, Zimbabwe
Karl Stefan Memorial, NE (OFK) > Karl Stefan Memorial, NE
Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia (KLV) > Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia
Karlstad, Sweden (KSD) > Karlstad, Sweden
Karluk Lake Spb, AK (KKL) > Karluk Lake Spb, AK
Karluk, AK (KYK) > Karluk, AK
Karonga, Malawi (KGJ) > Karonga, Malawi
Karpathos, Greece (AOK) > Karpathos, Greece
Karratha, Aust., Australia (KTA) > Karratha, Aust., Australia
Karshi, Uzbekistan (KSQ) > Karshi, Uzbekistan
Karta Lake, AK (FQN) > Karta Lake, AK
Karumba, Australia (KRB) > Karumba, Australia
Karup, Denmark (KRP) > Karup, Denmark
Kasaan Spl, AK (KXA) > Kasaan Spl, AK
Kasaba Bay, Zambia (ZKB) > Kasaba Bay, Zambia
Kasama, Zambia (KAA) > Kasama, Zambia
Kasba Lake, Canada (YDU) > Kasba Lake, Canada
Kasba Lake, Canada (VZX) > Kasba Lake, Canada
Kasese, Uganda (KSE) > Kasese, Uganda
Kashvik Bay, AK (VZS) > Kashvik Bay, AK
Kasigluk, AK (KUK) > Kasigluk, AK
Kasitsna Arpt (KRM) > Kasitsna Arpt
Kasongo, Republic Of Congo (KGO) > Kasongo, Republic Of Congo
Kassala, Sudan (KSL) > Kassala, Sudan
Kassel-Calden, Germany (KSF) > Kassel-Calden, Germany

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