Hawaiian Airlines

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Airline Code HA
Airline Name Hawaiian Airlines
Baggage 3.51 The number of mishandled-baggage reports per 1,000 passengers
Fleet Age 9.70 The average age of operating fleet in Years
Denied Boarding 0.02 The number of passengers who hold confirmed reservations that are denied boarding per 10,000 passengers
Complaints 1.52 The number of complaints filed in writing, by telephone, via email, or in person per 100,000 enplanements
Intangibles 5.00 A qualitative rating, between 0.00 and 10.00, based upon industry awards and other factors
URL http://www.hawaiianair.com
The flight rank score comprises: on-time performance of departure airport; on-time performance of the specific flight; on-time performance of arrival airport; number of lost baggage reports; number of customer complaints; and number of denied boardings (i.e. bumpings)

Aiports Served

General Lyman, HI
Honolulu Intl, HI
Kahului, HI
Kailua-Kona Ha, HI
Lihue, HI
Los Angeles Intl.--Midpoint
Mc Carran Intl, NV
Portland Intl, OR
Sacramento Metropolitan Apt, CA
San Diego Intl Lindbergh Fld, CA
San Francisco Intl--Midpoint
San Jose Muni--Midpoint, CA
Seattle, WA
Sky Harbor International, AZ

Flight Numbers

HA1 HA10 HA101 HA102 HA103 HA104 HA105 HA106 HA107 HA108 HA11 HA110 HA111 HA112 HA113 HA114 HA115 HA116 HA117 HA118 HA119 HA12 HA120 HA121 HA122 HA123 HA124 HA125 HA126 HA127 HA129 HA131 HA132 HA133 HA137 HA138 HA139 HA140 HA141 HA143 HA144 HA145 HA146 HA147 HA148 HA15 HA152 HA155 HA156 HA157 HA159 HA16 HA160 HA161 HA164 HA165 HA166 HA167 HA168 HA169 HA17 HA170 HA172 HA173 HA177 HA179 HA18 HA180 HA181 HA182 HA183 HA188 HA189 HA19 HA190 HA192 HA193 HA194 HA195 HA196 HA197 HA2 HA20 HA208 HA209 HA21 HA22 HA239 HA240 HA247 HA248 HA25 HA26 HA260 HA261 HA262 HA263 HA27 HA28 HA29 HA3 HA30 HA303 HA304 HA305 HA306 HA307 HA308 HA313 HA314 HA315 HA316 HA318 HA319 HA320 HA321 HA335 HA336 HA343 HA344 HA345 HA346 HA347 HA348 HA349 HA35 HA353 HA354 HA36 HA360 HA361 HA362 HA363 HA37 HA373 HA374 HA375 HA376 HA377 HA378 HA38 HA382 HA383 HA387 HA388 HA39 HA391 HA392 HA397 HA398 HA4 HA40 HA43 HA44 HA508 HA509 HA513 HA514 HA520 HA525 HA528 HA529 HA536 HA543 HA544 HA545 HA546 HA549 HA552 HA553 HA555 HA556 HA595 HA596 HA7 HA8 HA9
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