Alaska Airlines

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Airline Code AS
Airline Name Alaska Airlines
Baggage 4.09 The number of mishandled-baggage reports per 1,000 passengers
Fleet Age 8.60 The average age of operating fleet in Years
Denied Boarding 0.84 The number of passengers who hold confirmed reservations that are denied boarding per 10,000 passengers
Complaints 0.43 The number of complaints filed in writing, by telephone, via email, or in person per 100,000 enplanements
Intangibles 5.00 A qualitative rating, between 0.00 and 10.00, based upon industry awards and other factors
URL http://www.alaskaair.com
The flight rank score comprises: on-time performance of departure airport; on-time performance of the specific flight; on-time performance of arrival airport; number of lost baggage reports; number of customer complaints; and number of denied boardings (i.e. bumpings)

Aiports Served

Adak Ns, AK
Anchorage International, AK
Bethel, AK
Boise Air Terminal, ID
Cordova Mile 13, AK
Dallas Ft. Worth Regional 7403 D, TX
Deadhorse, AK
Fairbanks International, AK
Hollywood-Burbank Midpoint, CA
Honolulu Intl, HI
John Wayne International, CA
Juneau Airport, AK
Ketchikan International, AK
Kodiak Airport, AK
Lihue, HI
Logan International, MA
Long Beach Daugherty Field, CA
Los Angeles Intl.--Midpoint
Mc Carran Intl, NV
Miami International, FL
Newark Liberty International, NJ
Nome, AK
O Hare Airport, IL
Oakland Internl.--Midpoint, CA
Ontario Internl.--Midpoint, CA
Orlando International, FL
Palm Springs Muni, CA
Petersburg Spl, AK
Portland Intl, OR
Ralph Wien Memorial, AK
Reno Intl, NV
Sacramento Metropolitan Apt, CA
San Diego Intl Lindbergh Fld, CA
San Francisco Intl--Midpoint
San Jose Muni--Midpoint, CA
Seattle, WA
Sitka Harbor Spl, AK
Sky Harbor International, AZ
Spokane International, WA
Stapleton International, CO
Tucson International, AZ
Washington National Airport, DC
Wiley Post/Will Rogers Mem, AK
Wrangell, AK
Yakutat, AK

Flight Numbers

AS1 AS1 AS10 AS100 AS101 AS103 AS105 AS106 AS11 AS113 AS114 AS115 AS118 AS118 AS119 AS119 AS12 AS129 AS130 AS131 AS138 AS139 AS14 AS140 AS143 AS143 AS143 AS143 AS145 AS145 AS146 AS146 AS15 AS151 AS151 AS151 AS152 AS152 AS152 AS153 AS153 AS153 AS154 AS16 AS162 AS162 AS164 AS17 AS18 AS180 AS181 AS182 AS183 AS184 AS185 AS186 AS187 AS188 AS189 AS19 AS190 AS191 AS194 AS195 AS195 AS197 AS198 AS2 AS2 AS20 AS202 AS203 AS208 AS21 AS210 AS211 AS212 AS22 AS226 AS227 AS23 AS230 AS231 AS235 AS236 AS245 AS250 AS252 AS254 AS256 AS273 AS277 AS28 AS283 AS29 AS291 AS292 AS295 AS298 AS3 AS30 AS301 AS31 AS310 AS311 AS312 AS313 AS316 AS32 AS321 AS324 AS325 AS326 AS327 AS328 AS329 AS33 AS331 AS332 AS332 AS333 AS334 AS335 AS337 AS338 AS339 AS340 AS341 AS342 AS343 AS344 AS345 AS346 AS347 AS348 AS349 AS350 AS351 AS352 AS353 AS355 AS355 AS355 AS356 AS357 AS358 AS359 AS360 AS361 AS362 AS363 AS364 AS365 AS366 AS367 AS368 AS369 AS370 AS371 AS372 AS374 AS375 AS376 AS377 AS378 AS378 AS379 AS381 AS382 AS383 AS384 AS385 AS386 AS387 AS388 AS389 AS390 AS391 AS392 AS394 AS395 AS396 AS397 AS399 AS399 AS4 AS401 AS402 AS403 AS404 AS406 AS407 AS408 AS409 AS41 AS410 AS412 AS413 AS414 AS418 AS419 AS42 AS420 AS421 AS422 AS423 AS424 AS425 AS426 AS427 AS428 AS429 AS43 AS430 AS431 AS433 AS434 AS435 AS436 AS437 AS438 AS439 AS44 AS440 AS441 AS443 AS445 AS446 AS447 AS45 AS453 AS46 AS460 AS461 AS464 AS465 AS466 AS467 AS468 AS472 AS474 AS475 AS476 AS477 AS478 AS480 AS481 AS485 AS486 AS488 AS490 AS490 AS491 AS494 AS496 AS497 AS498 AS498 AS499 AS5 AS500 AS501 AS502 AS503 AS504 AS506 AS507 AS508 AS509 AS511 AS512 AS513 AS515 AS516 AS517 AS518 AS519 AS520 AS521 AS522 AS524 AS525 AS526 AS529 AS531 AS532 AS535 AS536 AS536 AS537 AS538 AS539 AS54 AS540 AS541 AS542 AS543 AS543 AS545 AS547 AS55 AS550 AS555 AS561 AS567 AS571 AS572 AS573 AS574 AS575 AS576 AS578 AS580 AS582 AS591 AS595 AS596 AS597 AS598 AS6 AS60 AS60 AS600 AS601 AS602 AS604 AS605 AS606 AS608 AS61 AS61 AS61 AS61 AS62 AS62 AS62 AS62 AS62 AS630 AS631 AS633 AS635 AS64 AS64 AS64 AS64 AS64 AS640 AS642 AS65 AS65 AS65 AS65 AS65 AS66 AS66 AS66 AS66 AS660 AS663 AS665 AS67 AS67 AS67 AS67 AS670 AS677 AS682 AS685 AS686 AS69 AS69 AS690 AS691 AS693 AS695 AS696 AS697 AS7 AS70 AS70 AS707 AS710 AS712 AS714 AS715 AS716 AS718 AS719 AS720 AS721 AS723 AS724 AS725 AS728 AS729 AS73 AS73 AS731 AS735 AS748 AS75 AS751 AS753 AS76 AS766 AS8 AS80 AS801 AS802 AS803 AS804 AS806 AS808 AS809 AS81 AS81 AS811 AS812 AS813 AS819 AS82 AS82 AS83 AS85 AS851 AS852 AS853 AS854 AS87 AS870 AS871 AS88 AS89 AS9 AS907 AS92 AS924 AS925 AS94 AS940 AS945 AS95 AS954 AS96 AS97 AS98 AS98
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