Aloha Airlines

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Airline Code AQ
Airline Name Aloha Airlines
Baggage 3.59 The number of mishandled-baggage reports per 1,000 passengers
Fleet Age 17.90 The average age of operating fleet in Years
Denied Boarding 0.48 The number of passengers who hold confirmed reservations that are denied boarding per 10,000 passengers
Complaints 0.00 The number of complaints filed in writing, by telephone, via email, or in person per 100,000 enplanements
Intangibles 5.00 A qualitative rating, between 0.00 and 10.00, based upon industry awards and other factors
URL http://www.alohaairlines.com
The flight rank score comprises: on-time performance of departure airport; on-time performance of the specific flight; on-time performance of arrival airport; number of lost baggage reports; number of customer complaints; and number of denied boardings (i.e. bumpings)

Aiports Served

General Lyman, HI
Honolulu Intl, HI
John Wayne International, CA
Kahului, HI
Kailua-Kona Ha, HI
Lihue, HI
Mc Carran Intl, NV
Oakland Internl.--Midpoint, CA
Reno Intl, NV
Sacramento Metropolitan Apt, CA
San Diego Intl Lindbergh Fld, CA

Flight Numbers

AQ104 AQ107 AQ109 AQ109 AQ110 AQ111 AQ200 AQ201 AQ201 AQ202 AQ203 AQ205 AQ206 AQ206 AQ207 AQ207 AQ208 AQ208 AQ209 AQ209 AQ210 AQ210 AQ215 AQ215 AQ216 AQ216 AQ217 AQ217 AQ218 AQ219 AQ221 AQ224 AQ224 AQ225 AQ225 AQ226 AQ227 AQ228 AQ228 AQ229 AQ232 AQ232 AQ237 AQ238 AQ240 AQ241 AQ242 AQ242 AQ244 AQ244 AQ245 AQ245 AQ246 AQ247 AQ26 AQ26 AQ260 AQ261 AQ266 AQ266 AQ267 AQ268 AQ269 AQ269 AQ270 AQ271 AQ271 AQ274 AQ275 AQ275 AQ278 AQ279 AQ280 AQ281 AQ30 AQ31 AQ32 AQ33 AQ40 AQ41 AQ41 AQ42 AQ43 AQ44 AQ441 AQ441 AQ442 AQ442 AQ446 AQ45 AQ46 AQ46 AQ467 AQ467 AQ468 AQ468 AQ468 AQ47 AQ473 AQ474 AQ475 AQ476 AQ477 AQ477 AQ477 AQ478 AQ478 AQ48 AQ48 AQ481 AQ481 AQ482 AQ482 AQ483 AQ483 AQ484 AQ484 AQ485 AQ485 AQ485 AQ485 AQ485 AQ485 AQ485 AQ486 AQ486 AQ486 AQ486 AQ486 AQ486 AQ488 AQ489 AQ49 AQ62 AQ62 AQ63 AQ63 AQ66 AQ66 AQ67 AQ67 AQ68 AQ68 AQ70 AQ71 AQ71 AQ71 AQ72 AQ72 AQ72 AQ73 AQ73 AQ77 AQ80 AQ80 AQ81 AQ82 AQ85 AQ86 AQ87 AQ88 AQ89 AQ90 AQ90 AQ91 AQ91 AQ93 AQ93 AQ94 AQ94 AQ95 AQ96 AQ96 AQ97
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