FlightRank.com creates and publishes five-star ratings for air travel; similar in concept to those available for hotels. Using information such as on-time-performance, consumer complaints, baggage handling stastistics and more, we generate performance ratings for flights, airlines and airports. In a single glance, these five-star ratings reveal flights, airlines, and airports [major, mid-size, regional] that are more (or less) likely to experience problems.

Our comprehensive database covers 47,624 flights, 291 airports and 20 airlines, and our free Flight Reports summarise this information into printable 1-page reports. And, whilst it's impossible to avoid every single travel problem, this information can help reduce the risk of experiencing severe delays, lost luggage, or missed connections. Also, be sure to try our free Flight Magazine and create a personal travel magazine for the flight, or read our free Flight Blog for the latest news!

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About FlightRank.com five-star flight ratings are neutral and unbiased; and this [...]
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FlightRank.com five-star ratings are unique, unbiased, and up-to-date. Based upon actual data captured from 1,191,169 individual flights, our ratings are a true, objective representation of air travel quality in the eyes of airline passengers. Generated by our proprietary Flight Algorithm process, we aggregate and summarize these results on a monthly basis, to publish our simple-to-understand five-star ratings for flights, airlines, and airports [major, mid-size, regional].

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1HA343HNL to LIH0.9472
2HA103HNL to LIH0.9642
3YV1004HNL to LIH0.9251
4OO3851PSC to SLC0.9281
5HA147KOA to HNL0.9544
note: this is a random selection of 5-star flights
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1Aloha Airlines0.9695
2Hawaiian Airlines0.9646
3Delta Airlines0.9123
4Southwest Airlines0.9029
5Frontier Airlines0.9003
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1Honolulu Intl, HI0.9194
2Salt Lake City Intl, UT0.8564
3Ontario Internl.--Midpoint, CA0.8371
4Washington National Airport, DC0.8331
5Oakland Internl.--Midpoint, CA0.8313
See Top 10 Major Airports >

1General Lyman, HI0.9526
2Lihue, HI0.9303
3Kailua-Kona Ha, HI0.9235
4Kahului, HI0.9226
5Long Beach Daugherty Field, CA0.8575
See Top 10 Mid-Size Airports >

1Bemidji Muni, MN1.0000
2Greenbrier Valley, WV1.0000
3Bellingham Intl, WA0.9831
4Lewiston Nez Perce County, ID0.9340
5Bert Mooney Silver Bow Co, MT0.9257
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